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You can send me into the field with a small team, or as a one man band. I've been a Field Producer/Shooter on several successful feature documentaries, produced numerous successful short films, worked as a reality Producer, and Co-Produced a globally successful feature film. Even with low budgets, tight deadlines, and limited resources, I make it happen!


I'm completely comfortable Directing a team and talent. My ability to connect with talent and crew to tell deep and meaningful stories is probably one of my best assets. I have a unique artistic vision when given the freedom, but I'm also able to conform and adapt exceedingly well on commercial projects or to existing story lines. I'm known for getting great performances!


I'm a solid Camera Operator with experience shooting on a variety of projects and in many different styles. I've been a Camera Operator on big shows at Universal Studios, realityTV, and on award-winning and world renowned documentaries. I've operated solo in the field, and I've operated in hectic environments with large teams. I'm happy to bring my experience to your project!

"Jeremy is a complete professional who will put his heart and soul into a project, and is always incredibly courteous and amenable..."
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For information about my experience, my résumé has been made available for viewing, here. If you have any questions which are not covered by the online résumé, please contact me directly.

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A printer-friendly version of my résumé has been made available, here. Feel free to download or print the résumé as needed. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to send me an email or call me directly.

"I can make a personal guarantee that if you hire Jeremy on your production you will be getting a solid professional and a problem-solver..."
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Producer | Director | Shooter
This reel contains imagery from a variety of projects ranging from reality TV and commercial work to music videos and short films. Please keep in mind that much of the footage contained herein has not been color corrected, and much of it was shared with me at a lower quality than I'd prefer. That being said, I have a lot of experience shooting docu-reality style, but I don't always have access to the footage. For information on those projects, please view my résumé or take a peek at my Journal.
"Borg has a relentless drive to be the best he can be. Whatever it is, rest assured that he is going to give you 110%."
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